Preview NoteBuilder

Purpose: To flatten the learning curve, burn a few new neural pathways, and take the pain out of learning to use NoteBuilder (NB).

Along with the video tutorials, these help pages are a guide for the perplexed. From within NB, get to information about a specific layout by clicking the 'Assistant' button in the top menu (right side). Your browser opens to display a help page. At the top of that page are links to a Table of Contents, to view all pages, and an Index, to search by topic.

Understanding Layouts: Communal language referring to what you see in NB; side menu, top menu, detail area, etc.

Clinician Tutorials: Your supervisor, or a NoteBuilder staffperson, has given you an ID and a Password and said 'have at it'. View the basic videos and this section of the help files to make sense of things.

Supervisor Tutorials You've been made a Supervisor; with all the rights and priviledges appertaining thereunto. In addition to the above, this section discusses the why's and how's of areas restricted to all but supervisors. Use your powers wisely.

These files display, in your browser, layouts similar to ones within NB. Text and arrows give the rationale for, and particular actions of, any particular layout. It is possible to keep tutorials and NB open and move between them:
  • Read a portion of the tutorial
  • Minimize the tutorial
  • Work in the program until frustrated and depressed...
  • Maximize your browser and learn the next steps in the process.

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