Understanding Layouts in NoteBuilder

Purpose: Decode the language of NoteBuilder (NB) to make use of these help files; e.g. What is a 'Side Menu', Where is the 'Detail Area', etc.



Top Menu

This contains buttons that manipulate the current layout; e.g. an assistant button on the far right tied to this screen. On left are navigation buttons, forward and back arrows similar to your browser. In between those are buttons to view, add, modify, or delete selections in order to customize NB for your population. In the above example:

  • Back and Forward buttons are similar to the buttons on your browser. Choosing Forward (arrow pointing to the right) you will be brought to the next screen in a process. Choose Back (arrow pointing to the left) and you will be brought to the screen you left.
  • Client Detail will bring you to demographics, diagnosis, meds for more detail on client.
  • Date causes a calendar to pop up. Todays date is set when NB is opened, assuming notes are done on the day service is provided. When documenting services on past days, choose this button to pick from a popup calendar.
  • Help will open your Internet browser and display info regarding the screen you are on.

Side Menu
This contains buttons which transport you to another workspace to start a new task. From anywhere in the program these allow:

  • Forward/Back alternative way of moving through program
  • Add Note will let you begin a new note. (Resets Back/Forward buttons)
  • InProcess displays a list of notes waiting for supervisor to review.
  • AllNotes displays a list of all hardsaved documents created by your group
  • AllClients displays clients assigned to your group..
  • Contacts allows quick access to info regarding other providers.
  • Scheduler to keep up with clinician appointments.
  • Employees clinician information about you and your peers.
  • Preferences allows Adminstrative Reporting and customizes NoteBuilder for your groups.

The WorkSpace

Location Bar
Orient yourself by viewing location bar label which describes content in the data area. Under location bar, labels on the gray boxes give further detail (Client ID, Client Name, etc. above).

Data Area
Selectable rows of records. Click on a row and the row will turn blue to signify that row as the current information selected. Selecting a particular row modifies the detail area of the screen (dashboards to show authorization information about the client). Type a letter or two into the QuikFind box (top right) and hit return to show clients whose last names begin with that letter. Click Add Note (side menu, top left) to view the whole client list again.

Detail Area
In the example above, choosing a client will display their date of intake, principal and primary diagnosis, medications, etc.
Other layouts will have different informational details, to help with the task at hand, or modifiable fields; e.g., the duration field on the list of services you provide would be changed to reflect the duration of the session you are documenting.

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